Limelights think 'wrong entry won'

by Sietse Bakker 90 views

Liselotte and Anna, the Limelights from Sweden, feel 'relieved' after the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Our colleagues from spoke with them.

Though the two girls don't behave like bad losers, Anna said that she thinks “the wrong entry won”. According to the young singer, the Spanish performance was 'great', but the song 'weird'.

Meanwhile, wrote that Limelights lost their opportunity for a record deal. Record company boss Bert Karlsson stated to several sources that he thinks at least some junior participants “didn't write their own song”, which is against the rules. In combination with a 15th place, Karlsson decided not to release a single of Varför jag. “Maybe a compilation would work, but a single won't I think”, he said.

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