Israeli Kdam-Eurovision probably cancelled

by Itamar Barak 113 views

Israel's major internet portals reported today on the probable cancellation of the Kdam-Eurovision, which was supposed to make a comeback this year on IBA.

According to these reports, due to a dismissal procedure of the IBA's secretary general which, in all likelihood, will result in a hault of all the broadcaster's productions, the comeback of the Kdam-Eurovision will have to be cancelled.

Head of Entertainment at the IBA, Yitzhak Sonnenshein, sounded today a bit more optimistic: “We have decided to produce a broadcasted public pre-selection for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, but due to IBA's vague situation, crucial decisions are not being taken”. Sonnenshein added that the fact that the deadline the IBA has put for itself for a song selection is getting nearer and nearer does make the 2005 Kdam-Eurovision seem like mission impossible “but nothing is setteld yet” he added. Should the regular committee be called again for task , is also uncertain yet, as Sonnenshein couldn't tell wether and how it will be used for 2005.

Sonnenshein also referred today to the possible participation of Israel's northern neighbour and long time foe, Lebanon. “The EBU approached us asking wether we would have any difficulties having Lebanon in the contest. Our point of view is that this contest is a song contest and there is no reason what so ever to throw politics into it. Should Lebanon confirm it's participation, it would be welcomed by Israel and we will certainly broadcast their song, as we are required by the same regulations that bind Lebanon to broadcast the Israeli entry”.