Poland speaks out: interview with KWADro

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KWADro– the band representing Poland at this year�s Junior Eurovision Song Contest is composed of 4 girls: Weronika Bochat, Kamila Piatkowska, Ania Klamczynska and Dominika Rydz. Thanks to our Polish partner site eurowizja.com, we publish extracts of the interview with Dominika Rydz, one of the band members.

Do you have a pleasant memory of the Polish preselections for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest ?

The Polish final was full of positive emotions. I think that our performance was well done, and in comparison to what took place last year, the level of this year�s final was very high indeed. All the contestants were well prepared and the songs were really good.

When did you decide to sing together as KWADro ?

We had sometimes met before while taking part in various music festivals in Poland. Then an idea to set up a band came up. It was in August this year, while working on a music workshop in Rabka. Actually, our performance at Polish preselections was our first one, as we did not have enough time to rehearse before.

Do you have a lead singer in the band ?

No, everybody has an equal role in what we do. We are all treated in the same way.

Tell us something about your song Catch the life

Firstly we thought what that song should precisely be about. After a long time we decided it should contain some simple words and a simple message, as it is a song for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and everybody should understand it. Our main aim was to create something what could attract listeners with its music line. That is why we finally wrote lyrics about such a basic thing, as life. The lyrics says we should always use our lifetime as much as we can and we should never regret any step in our life. We should also never give up if something turns into failure and remember that life goes on and that is what we should follow all the time.

How did you prepare yourself for the performance at the contest in Lillehammer?

Well, we met so many times and took into consideration any mistakes, and all the things that could be immediately improved. There will be no big changes in our performance, but we would like to work more on details.

Will you feel stage fright before your performance in Lillehammer ?

Not yet. I am still very happy because of our victory at the Polish preselections. Our performance in Norway and competing with the best junior singers from 18 countries around Europe is a very important event. The pressures connected with the fact we are representing Poland will come with time, but the stage fright we always feel before coming out onto the stage is always very positive for us.

We�d like to thank eurowizja.com for providing us with the interview. KWADro as with the other acts will come to Lillehammer on the upcoming Monday. The Polish representantives will have their first rehearsal on Wednesday, 17th November. You can find more information about the Polish representantives at their website www.kwadro.pl

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