interview with Marios Tofis

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On 7th September Marios Tofis was selected to represent Cyprus at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Lillehammer. In cooperation with our partnersite we had an interview with Marios. This is what the Cypriot boy told us…

When did you start singing and did you participate at other contests before?
“I have been singing since I was eight years old. I have already participated in many contests before, both in Cyprus and abroad. I have won a lot of prizes but my most successful participations were in the Pancyprian Performing Contest back in 1998 and in the Kataklysmos Festival in 1999.”

Why did you subscribe for the Cypriot selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest?
“Since two years my biggest dream has always been to represent my country at the Eurovision Song Contest but when they announced the Junior version of the contest, I thought that this one would be a bigger challenge for me and so I started to work on it and I succeeded.”

What is your song Onira about?
“My song is about my dreams of my beloved girl. I am too shy to tell her Hey, I love you…

What was your first reaction when you won the Cypriot national final?
“I was very happy when I won the Cypriot national final. I was so happy that I even started crying.”

How will you prepare for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest?
“I could tell you a lot about the preparations for my performance in Lillehammer, but I would like to keep it for you as a suprise.”

What are your expectations for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in

“I just hope that I will give a very good performance and hope to give Cyprus the best ever presentation in this kind of contests.”

What is your target in your musical career?
“My target is to be a good musician. I would also like to have carreer as a singer and dancer.” kindly thanks Marios Tofi and for the interview.

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