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Last weekend the Belgian Junior Eurovision Song Contest representatives Free Spirits shot the video clip for their song Accroche-toi. As from Sunday the video clip will be broadcast daily on RTBF's first channel La Une. Yesterday the Free Spirits had an offical photo shoot. had an interview with Fabrice, Samuel and Olivier and this is what the 14 year-old boys from Liège told us…

Who are the Free Spirits and how did it all start?
“We are Fab(rice), Sam(uel) and Oli(vier) and we are all passionate about music. In January 2004 we started with Free Spirits. In the beginning we only played covers until we started writing our first song: Accroche-toi.”

Why did you subscribe for Eurokids 2004?
“In January I (Olivier) told Fabrice and Samuel that we would participate at Eurokids 2004 but they didn't like the idea and laughed at me. Later on we saw a teaser for Eurokids 2004 on TV and we sent in our song that we recorded on a dictaphone with the idea not making it anyway. But I (Olivier) absolutely wanted us to be selected. Samuel and Oliver too but they were less excited and calmed me down because they thought I would get depressed if we finally wouldn't be selected.”

Who wrote Accroche-toi and what is the song about?
“Samuel wrote the biggest part of Accroche-toi. Fabrice improved it. Then they showed me (Olivier) the lyrics in class and they really touched me. Accroche-toi is a message to the youth, because we all have a moment that we are feeling down because of problems with our parents, our friends or at school. We shouldn't lose courage because there always is a solution. It might take some time to find it but there always is one! The same advise actually counts for adults too. In fact we sing hold on to everyone who is having problems.”

What was your reaction when you won in the final of Eurokids 2004?
“We participated to see what it would all be like. Then we wanted to be among the 10 selected participants and then we wanted to be in the final. We became more hungry each time. We even won Eurokids 2004, although initially we only were curious about this contest.”

How will you prepare for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest?
“The next couple of weeks will have a lot of interviews. We will also do some performances. On 9th October we will play in Huy and on 17th October in our home city Liège. As for Lillehammer, we won't change a lot. The song stays as it is now. We will only work on our visual act after analysing the video of our performances during the live shows of Eurokids 2004.”

What are your expectations for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Lillehammer?
“We will give the best of ourselves in order to give Belgium a good result. It is completely different from Eurokids 2004 because we will represent a whole country now.”

What is your target in your musical career?
“We would like to continue making music. We have already written a new song which is almost finished by now and we hope this song will be released on single too. We will certainly keep on writing lyrics similar to the style of Accroche-toi that give hope to those who are feeling down.” kindly thanks Free Spirits (Olivier, Samuel and Fabrice) for the interview.

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