Virgin interested in Polish selection

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One of Poland's most popular bands Virgin has announced its interest in the Eurovision Song Contest. Virgin's leadsinger Dorota Rabczewska revealed the news in the Polish magazine Super Express.

First I'll win the festival in Opole, then the Eurovision Song Contest“, said Dorota Rabaczewska, leadsinger of the band Virgin to Super Express. Virgin already exists since 2000 but broke through when leadsinger Dorota Rabaczewska participated in the reality TV show Bar.

Dorota Rabaczewska, Doda in short, describes herself as an ambitious girl. “When you have a target that you really want to reach, you will succeed“, she says “I wanted to release an album and so I did. Now I'm saying that I'll win the Festival in Opole, then the Eurovision Song Contest and then I'll start an international career“.

The second Virgin album Bimbo was released in May and reached the first place it the album charts.