Paparazzi make Edyta Górniak end her career

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Edyta Górniak, who represented Poland at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest and offered her country a 2nd place, decided to quit her musical career. “Some journalists murdered me as a singer”, a shocking story causing a public debate in Poland.

Edyta Górniak is tired of all paparazzi and decided under pressure to end her singing career. The Polish singer who was runner up at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 with the song To nie ja has lately been subject of deep interest in some Polish tabloids.

Paparazzi tried to take picture of Edyta while she was pregnant and while she was in hospital to give birth to her baby. For several weeks the tabloids published all kinds of material accusing Edyta and her family of several things.

According to the tabloids Edyta and her husband, musician Dariusz Krupa, would have run out of money. When a furious Edyta slapped a paparazzi in the face, another scandal was launched and on top of that all Dariusz Krupa's father has been accused of misusing funds.

Edyta obviously couldn't stand it anymore and last Saturday 17th July, her official website published an open letter, written by Edyta herself. In the letter she called the journalists 'rats' and accused them of having murdered her as an artist. In conclusion, Edyta is tired of it all and has no interest in singing anymore. Confirmation of this all followed in an official statement. Edyta Górniak quits singing but however she will still perform at the concerts she has been booked for so as not to disappoint her fans.

Edyta Górniak released two international albums: Edyta in 1997 and Invisible in 2003. A farewell concert will be organised at the end of 2004.

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