Meltem's outfits: Contemporary Turkish design

by Kemal Shahin 232 views

Meltem Cumbul�s outfits for the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 were designed by Ismail Acar and Bahar Korcan. They told of how they put a lot of effort in creating an outfit for Meltem Cumbul that was both contemporary but reflective of Turkish design, history and culture.

Bahar Korcan created two outfits, one for each evening saying �I wanted to create a costume to show off Turkish culture and Istanbul as well as be in keeping with the theme of under the same sky�
They both told of what an honour it was to design the outfits and how they meticulously planned, along with approval by Meltem along the way.
Korcan wanted to create 1960�s look which can be seen in the florescent pinks and vibrant yellows.
The red opening dress of the semi final, with open stomach of crossed straps was created to look simple and chique, the focus on the shape of the dress and flow of the material. The use of red was to signify Turkish culture. The focus, Korcan said was on the quality stitching with this outfit rather than exuberant motifs.

The dress with Caftan style jacket was made to mirror old ottoman patterns and design, embroidered in gold. The deep maroon strapped dress beneath was kept simple to highlight the caftan made of luxurious Turkish silk. On either collar was a Byzantine and Ottoman motif to represent the coming together of the history of Istanbul. This outfit was finished by the matching shoes.

Korcan told of how the material was sent to the stadium 15 days before the first show to adjust lighting to match the materials. Korcan stated, �we created costumes that were both suitable for this age and event as well as displaying our style as designers. We got a lot of enjoyment out of creating the outfits�

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