Shame on you Europe!

by Kemal Shahin 324 views

Esctoday's Icelandic editor Bjarni Halldorsson gives his view on the contest as Europe takes a deep breath and tries to make sense of it all. Bjarni tells Europe, 'Shame on You', as some of the efforts lack any fire, desire or sense of taste for that matter. He asks the questions, should we bring back the jury? Should prebescent boys be banned? And why did Deen ever grace the stage that is Eurovision?

The Eurovision Song Contest 2004, hosted by Turkey with a worldwide audience of over 100 million viewers! The atmosphere is tense as 36 nations from all across Europe, battle it out. Stress, emotions, tears� Well, it all leads to a bunch of mistakes and in this article I�m going to point out some of them to you�

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