Ukraine 2005: to pass the floor

by Julia Ostromogilska 226 views

The Ukrainians just began to realize the importance of the victory Ruslana brought to them and are still lost in admiration, but already think about who is the worthy candidate to take the floor to represent Ukraine at the 50th Eurovision Song Contest next year.

Ruslana believes that she won her victory together with Oleksandr Ponomaryov, last year�s representative from Ukraine. �If it were not for him, the victory wouldn�t be possible today. He made a real break-through�, Ruslana reveals the secret to the Ukrainian television channel INTER. She is sure that she is not the last Ukrainian able to win the Contest. �The Ukrainian show-business is more professional than people think of it. We have such groups as VV, Skryabin and also Ani Lorak.� It turns out that Ani Lorak was the main competitor of Ruslana to go to the Eurovision Song Contest. Actually, the President of the National Television and Radio Company of Ukraine, Oleksandr Savenko, has made a choice between the two of them.

Ani Lorak herself is very excited about this chance: �If I am selected, I will be more than happy to represent Ukraine.� In 2003 in the UK, she was awarded the Singer of the year status. Karolina Kuyek (it�s her real name) became known as Ani Lorak in 1995, though her music career started long before. She had to take this stage name because there was another singer named Karolina at a music contest held by the Moscow television programme Morning Star. If you read it vice versa you can still find out her name. The Grand Prix at the International Contest in New-York Big Apple Music � 96 brought her wide popularity. In 1996, she released her first album I want to fly. In 1998, her second album I will be back saw the world. In 1999, she went on concert tours performing in France, Germany and the USA. This same year she became an Honoured artist of Ukraine, which is of a great prestige. Ani Lorak filmed some of her video clips in London. The album of 2003, in which Karolina is the authour of most of the songs, bears the name of Ani Lorak. She has an official website at According to the results of an unofficial poll, the Ukrainians believe that this singer will be able to worthy represent Ukraine next year and they want her to. She just needs a good song and the desire to win, which she sure has!

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