MSP Leckie: “Scotland should get own entry”

by roel 66 views

Scottish Parliament member Carolyn Leckie is concerned about the bad resuts of the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest in the last couple of years. Leckie blames the current British foreign policy for it and wants Scotland to be represented independently at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Scottish Parliament is concerned to note the successive failures of the British Eurovision Song Contest entry in recent years.

The socialist member of the Scottish Parliament Carolyn Leckie believes that voting across Europe is related to the views of European people on the British role in the war on Iraq and on other issues. “A British entry is unlikely to succeed as long as Her Majesty's Government continues with the current foreign policy.” says Leckie. “A Scottish entry is less likely to be tainted.

According to Leckie, Scotland should be entitled to a separate Eurovision Song Contest entry.

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