Peebo and Matvere met for the first time

by Remi Kübar 272 views

The hosts of ESC2002 Annely Peebo and Marko Matvere recorded 24 welcome-postcards for the participating countries. TV-audience won't see the couple before the final concert in May.

In spite of busy schedule of both hosts, Peebo and Matvere managed to meet in hotel Schlössle in Tallinn to record the welcoming words in 24 languages. They said to the journalists that the cooperation in the 2-hour rehearsal and also in the recording was perfect.

Juhan Paadam said that for learning the correct pronunciation they had to turn to the embassies and participating countries to get some guidance.

Peebo discussed several hours with Matvere, how and what kind of style should the postcards look like.

The public will see Peebo and Matvere before May playing their ordinary roles. Today and tomorrow will Peebo sing together with Estonian State Symphony Orchestra in Tartu and Tallinn. Matvere continues his work on the stage of Tallinna Linnateater.

“Starting from new year I will definately try to visit Estonia every month, I've cancelled all my visitorcontracts to focus on being in Estonia,” said Peebo.

The organizing team has decided that the salaries will not be published. Paadam still mentioned that there's nothing extraordinary.

Peebo said that the fee is much smaller, than she would have earned with other concerts. “The experience I get from here is much more valuable,” she added.