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This year�s postcards focus on the wonderful tourist attractions of Turkey and are in keeping with the themes of �under the same sky� as well as �the cradle of civilizations� and the �crossroads of culture�. The postcards look at the past and present of Turkey and feature character such as mermaids and dancers.

1.Spain – Istanbul
Istanbul � A quick snapshot of all the wonderful sights of Istanbul, with views of the Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Golden Horn as well as landmark sites such as the bridge and the Sultan Ahmet �Blue� Mosque.

2.Austria – Nemrut
Mount Nemrut is featured in the Austrian postcard as we see a collection of colossal statues and the temple and tomb of King Antiochus. This is said to be an amazing place to see the sunrise and set and allows tourists to see the stones in the best possible light.

3.Norway �Anatolia (East and Southeast)
A view of the Anatolia Mountains, remote plateaus and lakes. There are views of the major cities of Anatolia and uncoil scenery.

4.France � Pamukkale
Pammukale, south of Izmir is a popular location for health spars. The Meander River features in the clip as well as the steep cascading hillsides or white calcium and beautiful formation. This is what gives this region its names, the �Cotton Castle�.

5.Serbia & Montenegro � Istanbul II
Another view of Istanbul, with the Bosphorus River featuring in this clip as well as other parts of the beautiful host city of Istanbul, the only city in the world where two continents meet.

6.Malta � Alacati
The Mediterranean town on the west coast of Turkey features in this clip, with views of the architecture, windmills and vineyards. It is now a place famous for kiteboarding and windsurfing because of it�s crystal clear waters and consistent wind speeds.

7.Netherlands � The Tulips of the Anatolian Peninsular
The Netherlands is of course famous for the tulip, and this postcard features an array of tulips and flowers in this Anatolian region of Turkey. Turkey is rich for its flora and endemic plants and the tulip has put it�s stamp on a period of Ottoman history.

8.Germany � Topkapi Palace
This postcard is centered around the world famous Topkapi Palace, as well as the gardens and pavilions of the palace. It focuses on the intricately decorated, colorful tiles. There is an array of Chinese and Japanese art at the Topkapi Palace.

9.Albania � Chora (Kariye)
A small, beautifully decorated church, a product of the Byzantine movement which paralled the Italian Renaissance. This church is now a museum

10.Ukraine – House of the Virgin Mary
The Virgin Marywho came to Epesos with Saint John four to six years after the death of Christ. The �House of Mary� was proclaimed as a place of pilgrimage for the Christians and this clip focuses on the house on to of the Bülbüldag and is believed to be the last home of the Virgin Mary.

11.Croatia � Miniaturk
This clip is specifically focused on one of the sub themes of this years contest, that of the �cradle of civilization� in which the clip shows the Miniaturk project in Istanbul that is a shortcut tour of all the wonderful sites in Turkey which look to convey all the sites that show this beautiful embrace of civilization.

12.Bosnia Herzegovina � Medusa
Medusa and her sisters came into the world with snakes on their heads, yellow wings and brazen hands. Their bodies covered in impenetrable scales, their looks could turn you to stone. This clip centers around the story in which Medusa�s head was cut off and placed on the shield of Minerva.

13.Belgium � Istanbul III
The city of also known as the �City of the Seven Hills�. These hills are depicted in carpet design all across Istanbul. These hills caused great problems in the buildings of the subways and this postcard is centered around these delightful hills of Istanbul, the place where two continents meet.

14.Russia � Antalya
This clip is all about the �Turkish Riviera�, the sea, the sun and the golden sands. Miles of clear coasts, palm tree lined boulevards, blue flag Marinas and historic architecture. All this lives alongside the modern hustle and bustle of Antalya city.

15.FYR Macedonia � Sultanahmet
This clip is centered around Sultanahmet, Istanbul, where you can find Tokapi Palace, Aya Sofia, the Blue Mosque, Kapali Carsi (indoor bazaar), Yerebatan Sarnici (Bascilica Cistern) and the Museum of Islamic Art.

16.Greece � Izmir
This clip looks at the third largest city in Turkey, Izmir. It dominates the Aegean Coast and is adorned with palm trees and wide coast line. Kadifekale, a hilltop fortress features in the post card.

17.Iceland � Nature and History of Turkey
This is a postcard looks at all the naturally beautiful sites in Turkey and historic places. The parks, the homes of civilizations, heritagesç temples, theatres, tombs, the list is endless�

18.Ireland � Aegean Region-Didyma
Focusing on the Aegean coast, a land of pine-clad limestone mountains and broad fertile plains. The rich river valleys yield many goods. The summers and dry, the winters at refreshingly wet. The clip looks at the Temple of Apollo.

19.Poland � Contemporary Country
Where mosques lie beside Universities, a country of generations, history and the contemporary. The University of Istanbul is a major feature of the city and was founded in the 15th Century by Sultan Mehmed.

20.United Kingdom � Pergamum
Pergamum is in the north Aegean and rose to prominence after the death of Alexander the Great in 323BC. Pergamum�s library holds more than 200,000 books, rivaling that of Alexandria.

21.Cyprus � Cappadocia
A highland plateau in Central Anatolia. The clip features the volcanic landscapes and visually striking scenery. The Görume Open Air Museum, is a world heritage site sheltering and shelters dozens of medieval caves and churches. A look at the colorful church interiors and religious depictions.

22.Turkey � Metamorphic
This is the clip from the television advertisement for Turkey, of horses running over the Istanbul bridge, and the flying Mermaid from the Turkish seas. This is a snapshot of Turkey past and present. Miss World 2002, Miss Azra Akin invites us to come �under the same sky�as well as throwing the heart shaped petals in which the heart shaped flag of each country falls to the forefront, introducing each nation.

23.Romania � Sea & Marina
A look at the coastlines, rivers, mountains, lakes and various other aqua centers in Turkey feature in the Romanian postcard. Turley is famous for all thing aqua from yachting to deep sea diving and has an array of coastline destinations and stunning harbors.

24.Sweden � Ishak Pasa Palace
The final postcard, the final song. This palace is located on the Dogubeyazit District of Istanbul. An example of 18th century Ottoman architecture. A valuable place to see the history art.

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