The composer of “Everybody” is a man of the year

by Remi Kübar 50 views

Estonian magazine 'Luup' chosed the composer of 'Everybody' Ivar Must the man of the year in Estonia.

“The victory in May caused the emotional rise of Estonian people,” said the Chief Editor of Estonian newspaper Postimees Urmas Klaas, when he announced the winner. “The support for EU raised very fast and the victory gave a push for the international press to write about Estonia.”

“I'm honored to receive this award and honored that I've been useful to Estonia and Estonians,” said Ivar Must when he received the award. “The award is an evaluation to my work, which I concider as work and hobby mixed.”

Ivar Must said to Estonian News Agency that he didn't write a song for the national preselection this year. He was too busy with making Dave Bentons' brand new album.

More information about the new album “From Monday to Sunday” can be found at