Athena performed Seninle bir dakika

by Kemal Shahin 182 views

The rude ska, street punk group entered the conference room singing one of their songs from their album. They explained why they named themselves Athena as well as singing a little piece from the first ever Turkish entry from 1975, Seninle bir dakika.

Lead singer Gökhan Özoğuz said: �We made three songs for the national selection. One of them was in a punk style, one was ska, and the third was For real which was chosen by televoting�.

They were also quizzed by a Greek press member as to the reasoning behind the groups name. Guitarist and backing vocalist Hakan Özoğuz said: �Athena is the goddess of wisdom as you might know. That�s why we have chosen this name.�

The band also sang a little piece of Seninle bir dakika and announced that the band�s single will also be released in Germany.

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