Love song… love singing!

by Gordon Roxburgh 180 views

It seems there are two competitions, if not three at this years Eurovision Song Contest. The other seems to be who can hold the most entertaining press conference! Last night the Polish artists seemed determined to get the prize, as the whole group performed on the stage, playing their various instruments, and lead singer Tatiana Okupnik demonstrating her linguistic abilities, as well as her singing abilities by speaking some Dutch as well. Unfortunately there were no Dutch journalists present in the hall at the time!

The lack of attendance at the final press conference last night was due to the official reception being held by the Minister of Culture & Tourism on the other side of Istanbul. The remaining press conferences of the evening had been cancelled as a result.

This is the second attempt by Blue Cafe to represent Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest, as they also tried a year ago. They regard the contest as being very important and travelled via Munich on their way to Istanbul to promote their song. They visited Brussels last month, which gave Tatiana a chance to speak in French as well! When asked who her musical influences had been when growing up, she said she liked Michael Jackson and Arethea Franklin. The group got together in 1998, so have had six years to get to this point in their careers.

As to what the meaning of the words at the beginning of the song are? They have no particular meaning, they can be whatever you want them to mean, just imagine

As to whether they had a favourite song from the Eurovision Song Contest, or a favourite Polish entry? They replied that they are fans of music, and that the Eurovision Song Contest is special, a meeting of different countries and cultures, and that it is an exposure to a wider audience. They are “proud to represent Poland”. They are also currently working on a third album for release in the near future.

The group concluded the evening by singing again, and one fan enthusiastically declared that they had given the best entertainment yet at a press conference!

Poland participates directly in the final on 15th May.

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