Belgium's 12 points to Ruslana?

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Ukraine is Xandee's toughest competitor at this year's Eurovision Song Contest according to a professional jury that judged the songs during Belgium 12 points!, broadcast on TV1 tonight. Furthermore, a study showed that the Flemings predict Xandee an 8th place, the Walloons are more pessimist and predict her a 12th place in the final.

Flemish broadcaster TV1 aired Belgium 12 points! tonight, a preview on the Eurovision Song Contest and a review on Xandee's preparations, hosted by Marcel Vantilt. The results of a survey among Flemings and Walloons about the chances of Xandee to win the Eurovision Song Contest were made public and a team of specialists commented on Xandee's European opponents. Furthermore, some of the most striking Eurosong 2004 participants performed their version of 1 Life.

The competitors
In Belgium 12 points!, a professional jury gave critical comments on the best or most humoristic participants at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. According to them, these are the toughest competitors of Xandee:

1. Ukraine: Ruslana – Wild dances
2. Germany: Max – Can't wait untill tonight
3. Sweden: Lena Philipsson – It hurts

'Wild dances' has a great rythm and it gives a kick while watching it, said head of the jury Dana Winner. Xandee totally agrees and sees Ruslana as her top favourite too, together with Germany and… the Netherlands.

Not everyone had the same opinion about Germany. According to vocal coach David Davidse, Max is trying to imitate a black voice and turns out to be a bad Stevie Wonder. Even though, Max gets the support of former Belgian representatives Nicole & Hugo, who closely followed the whole national selection in Germany.

About Sweden, everyone was unanimous. 'It hurts' touches immediately, it stays in your head and is a very tempting song. But I advice Lena to wear something else in Istanbul, said Flemish Eurovision commentator Andre Vermeulen.

A study among 1000 Belgians
Especially for Belgium 12 points! a study was done among 1000 Belgians. 74% of the Flemings predict top 10 for Xandee in Istanbul, 7% even see Xandee winning it. On the other hand 2% thinks Xandee will end last.

Whereas the average Fleming predicts an 8th place, the Walloons are less optimistic and keep it on a 12th place. A striking remark: the older the Belgian, the more he believes in the chances of Xandee. Among the 65+, Xandee even scores an average 6th place.

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