Latvian finalists announced

by Sietse Bakker 98 views

Latvia announced it's 15 songs for the national final, which are all in English

Among fans, rumours say the song 'Stop the war' by Linda Leen and Horens is about what happened at September 11 and it's consequences. Others say Latvia might end up very high with one of these on stage in Tallinn. We'll see…Here are the 15 songs:

Tumsa – 'This Is Not Paradise'
Linda Leen & Horens – 'Stop The War'
Gunars Kalnins – 'Tell Me Why'
Marija Naumova – 'I Wanna…'
Lauris Reiniks – 'My Memory Tape'
Janis Stibelis – 'Let's Sing The Song'
Madara Celma – 'A Girl From A Sunset Town'
Diana & Olga Piragas – 'My Town'
Andris Abelite – 'Be Alive'
Marina Voitjuka – 'Wait (For Love)'
4 Elements – 'Remember'
Sea Stones – 'Love Is For You'
Amberland – 'Caffe'
Eriks Budevics – 'My Only Dream'
Dzulians – 'A Place To Call Come'