Max awaiting his Eurovision results

by Gordon Roxburgh 223 views

The first press conference for Germany took place this afternoon, with singer Max and composer Stefan Raab entertaining the journalists with humour, as well as a Turkish rendition of their song Can't wait until tonight.

They had both been amazed by the 92% vote Max had received in the German final. Stefan in particularly thought that Scooter would win the contest, and that they would receive votes even from outer space! Could he repeat a 92% vote in the Eurovision Song Contest?
“With a maximum of 12 points, it's not possible…it wouldn't be reality!”

However 22 year Max will be hoping to achieve as good a result next week after the Eurovision Song Contest, when he is due to receive the results of his A level exams. As a consequence of taking those exams, he has been very busy recently – back at school! Therefore there has been no time to work on any album, but the pair are keen to do so soon.

They did however have time to make a small Turkish version of the song, which they had performed in a Turkish television show. With only five hours preparation, one learned the verse, while the other learned the chorus. They had also written the words phonetically in German to make it easier, and they treated the audience gathered to a performance of the Turkish version. It was given the seal of approval by one Turkish journalist, who commented that the Turkish version translated almost the same as the original.

Unlike many former Eurovision Song Contest artists, Stefan Raab continues to have success in Germany, and that it did not affect his career at all, after singing in the 2000 competition and ” it will always be a highlight.

When asked whether he intends to be the next Ralph Siegel, by keep on entering the competition until he wins, he jokingly replied “Don't mention that name! I have a long way to go to catch him. I have done three contests in seven years, he has done about thirty five!!” A slight exaggeration on his part – but he made his point.

The press conference concluded with the duo giving a performance of the song Ain't no sunshine anymore.

As one of the big four countries Germany participates in the final on 15th May.

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