Ramon: “It's a real latin song!”

by Gordon Roxburgh 103 views

Accompanying the Spanish singer Ramon on stage at the press conference, apart from the Head of Delegation, to the delight of fans attending was the Spanish entrant from 1989, Nina.

The initial questions concerned the Latin type songs in this years contest, of which Ramons' Para llenarme de ti is just one. He said that he was not really aware of the others, but felt his was a “real Latin song, especially with the chorus.

In a change from the usual approach by journalists, one Israeli journalist suggested that as Spain had not won the contest for 35 years, and that the recent trend was for English language songs to dominate and win the contest. Wouldn't it be better for Spain to enter a song in English? The Head of Delegation said that this had been the choice of the audience…but when pressed further that the audience had no choice but to choose a Spanish language song, he said that English would sound strange to the Spannish audience, when they were surrounded by songs in their own language.

What had been Ramons' favourite entries from Spain? Although the journalists expected him to say Nacida Para Amar with Nina beside him, he went for the two Spanish winners from 1968 & 1969. He had received advice from many previous contestants and all basically said the same thing, “to do your best possible, and enjoy!.

Was being drawn first in the running order an advantage or disadvantage? He said he had been asked this for the millionth time, but his performance would be exactly the same, no matter where he had been in the running order, but it was “challenging” to be the opening song.

As one of the big four countries, Spain participates in the final on 15th May.

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