17 camera's to be used for television show

by Sietse Bakker 356 views

This year, 17 cameras will be used for the live broadcast of the qualifier round and final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Four of them are placed in the greenroom.

Three of the cameras are so-called skymotes, the camera cranes used for widely moving shots. Two of them are standing in front of the stage, one of them stands at the back of the floor. The skymotes are 12, 7 and 5 meters long.

Three different camera rail systems are placed for the live broadcasts. The first one will stand between two seating groups in front of the stage and will be remote controlled, while the second one will be laid out at the back of the front seating group. The last one is in curved form and is placed at the back side of the stage, and is also remote controlled.

One of the cameras will be used on a steadycam which has a wireless microwave link to provide freedom to the cameraman.

Two robotic camera are hanging on the roof, one of them will move up and down during the live broadcast.

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