Any negative comments on Cyprus?

by Sietse Bakker 85 views

At the fourth day of rehearsals, the second group of qualifier round participants enters the stage for camera rehearsals. At this moment, Lithuania, Albania and Cyprus are finished and the Macedonian singer Tose Proeski is currently on stage!

For the qualifier round participants, this is the last day of rehearsals before the first actual dress rehearsal, which takes place on Monday night.

Lithuania: pink is the colour!
During the Lithuanian rehearsal, it was clear that pink is the colour for What's happened to your love. Linas and Simona are joined by dancers on stage, about which the press had many questions during the first press conference. The four street dancers even take off some clothes to get the couple together in the song!

:: Click here for the gallery of the second Lithuanian rehearsal!

Albania:album after the contest
17-year old Anjeza Shahnini, who represents the new participating country Albania, told the press that the Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most watched events in her home country, which is “a friend of Turkey”.

Cyprus: anyone negative?
During Lisa Andreas' rehearsal we spoke with some present fans and journalists. “It's so sweet, strong and it doesn't need any performance at all! It will definitely end up among the first 10 in the final”, Klaus Berg from Germany said. We couldn't find anyone with a negative comment, except for “it's too good”

:: Click here for the gallery of the second Cypriot rehearsal!

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