Artists and hosts for Melodifestivalen announced

by Sietse Bakker 178 views

Today, SVT introduced the artists for Melodifestivalen 2002 in a press conference. Friends and Barbados are two of the 32 participants. Also, SVT announced that Kristin Kaspersen and Claes Åkesson will host the show.

As expected, 'Vem é dé du vill ha' will be performed by Elisabeth Andreasson, Kikki Danielsson and Lotta Engberg. 'Sista andetaget', the song that entered the contest after another one was disqualified, will be performed by Jan Johansen.

'The one that you need' will be performed by last years performers for Sweden, the group Friends ! 'Världen utanför', written by Thomas G:son, will be performed by Barbados, last years runner-ups.

For the whole list of participants, you can check out our Sweden page !