Lisa: “Politics shouldn't be involved”

by Gordon Roxburgh 399 views

16 year old British singer Lisa Andreas who represents Cyprus at this years Eurovision Song Contest was questioned several times about the Greek and Turkish Cypriot relationship, she declared that “Politics shouldn't be involved in the Eurovision Song Contest… but it does”, and she received warm applause from the journalists.

Lisa is not the only British connection to the Cypriot entry as composer Mike Connaris, who has twice composed a runner up in the United Kingdom selection, is also British. This strong relationship was increased when Lisa declared that she had “Done my homework” on the other entrants and thought that the United Kingdom was the best.

The delegation also faced questions on the use of the English language throughout the song, as opposed to the previous version, which had partly been sung in Greek. They replied that they wanted to give themselves a “better chance, by performing in English”. However Mike Connaris said that they might possibly change this if they made it to the final!

Lisa said that her school had been very supportive to her, in keeping a balance between schoolwork and singing, and had wished her “Good luck” in the contest. When she returns from the contest she has quite a lot of schoolwork to catch up on, and will have to do plenty of revision.

After that she would love to do an album, and had even written her own material, but would like to do more work with composer Mike Connaris if possible.

They hope that their song might just stand out amongst the competition, as Lisa takes the stage alone, with no backing singers or dancers involved in the presentation, and that it could either work in their favour or go against them.

Cyprus participates in the qualifying round on 12th May.

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