Sofia: “Reaching the final would be great!”

by Sietse Bakker 71 views

Without doingh any promises or predictions, Sofia expressed her hope to reach the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. She said that in an interview with the website ESCPortugal, which is the new Portuguese partner of

“Because I was nominated in the last week of Operacao Triunfo, I never thought I would make it to the Eurovision Song Contest. It was like a complete surprise for me. Before I won this year's edition of the show, I had no idea what was coming”, Sofia said.

Meanwhile, Sofia also realises the big responsibility currently resting on her shoulders: “I am very proud to represent my country, but I also realise that it is a big responsibility”. Also, Sofia is pleased to conclude that there is more interest in Portugal for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Rogerio Berrucho, Chief Editor of ESCPortugal, asked Sofia about the rumours concerning the language she will be singing in. “We recorded an English version for promotional purposes, but from the beginning it was 100% clear that I am going to sing in Portuguese during the qualifier round. It never even passed my mind to sing in another

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