Stage and light building Abdi Ípekçi on schedule

by Sietse Bakker 220 views

“After a bumpy start, everything is pretty much on track and the work proceeds according to the general plan”, Ola Melzig of the Swedish light company Spectra+ said to this afternoon.

According to Melzig, wo is Senior Technical Manager at Spectra+, the stage and light building will be ready when the delegations arrive. The first rehearsals are planned for Wednesday, 5th May.

“We are building the whole lighting design on the use of a lot of graphics this year. This way the lighting designer, Per Sundin, can create a uniqe look for each song. We also have a couple of surprises”, Ola Melzig said.

Earlier, the Swedish multi-camera director of the upcoming contest complained about the cooperation with the Turkish broadcaster TRT (read the article here). Meanwhile, Spectra+ is pleased with it: “We are all in the same boat and everybody is rowing in the same direction. Of course there are some problems, but that's completely normal in productions of this scale. We prefer to look at them as challanges”.

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