Stage building in Abdi Ípekçi in process!

by Kemal Shahin 197 views

The company in charge of the light design of the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, SpectraPlus, have released pictures of the building and rigging of the stage on a specially dedicated website which sees a day to day diary being kept of the progress at the Abdi Ipekçi arena.

At the moment the stage still looks unclear however already elements of the eagerly anticipated stage design are coming through. At the moment there are various shaped metal beams, as well as star shaped rigging for lighting.

Already there have been a few problems with the build, which took off on the 19th April. What had been rigged was not placed in alignment with the plans, which meant extra work shifting the stage. The chaos continues as the team, already reported to be slightly behind schedule get all the cyberhoists up, fibre optics sorted as well as connecting all electric’s and dealing with the virtual programming.

The next few weeks in the run up to the contest will be both hectic as well as extremely exciting.

When the final stage has been finished, it will be a set filled with interesting lighting effects that blends the cultures of the east with the technology of the west. The Blue Mosque and Aya Sofya, two of Istanbul’s most treasured historical monuments, influence this year’s stage, themed ‘Under the same sky’. The lighting will blend various shapes and colours like stained glass windows as well as minarets of light encircling the stage like the prayer room of a mosque. The stage certainly promises to be fascinating, vibrant and unique. will keep you updated as to the goings on in the Abdi Ípekçi Arena!

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