Rumours about Xandee countered

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As one of the favourites for victory in Istanbul next month, the name of Belgian representative Xandee is on many's tongue. Some rumours have been spread lately. Time to clear things up.

On 15th May, Xandee will represent Belgium with 1 Life. Often mentioned as a favourite, she is on many's tongue. What's true about some rumours and what's not?

The video
Rumours on the internet claimed that the release of Xandee's 1 Life video was cancelled in the end. A reason for to contact Xandee's record company ARS in Belgium.
ARS informed us that the video of 1 Life was finished and already sent to the main Flemish broadcasters, including music channels TMF and Jim TV. The rumour about the cancelled video turned out to be completely wrong.

The pics
But other rumours popped up as well. The one after the other website advised its visitors to “do a google search on Belgian singer Xandee, typing in Sandy Boets” or stated that “her singing talents aren't the only thing her male fans have been impressed by“, even the word “pornstar” has already been used. Now what is the fuss all about?
In September 2002 Sandy Boets, aka Xandee, did a nude photoreport for Cover Magazine and starred on its cover. At that time, Xandee already was a celebrity in Flanders after she scored some big hits together with Sergio (Belgium 2002) as Touch of Joy. It's no secret that Sergio, Xandee's current manager, never was happy about that decision.

Nevertheless, Xandee did a photo shoot this week for P-Magazine, another Flemish magazine known for its racy pics. The result of it can be expected soon.

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