Merchandising for 2004 contest soon available!

by Sietse Bakker 199 views

Merchandising for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest will soon be available! The European Broadcasting Union and marketing bureau TEAM selected a Dutch partner for the production and delivery of the unique must-haves!

The Badge Company will produce and deliver a full collection of the Eurovision Song Contest merchandising, which can be ordered online. Previously, The Badge Company obtained the rights to produce the merchandising for the Olympics, many soccer clubs, Disney, the Dutch edition of Big Brother, Idols and the upcoming Euro 2004 championship in Portugal. “Obtaining the rights to produce the Eurovision Song Contest merchandising is a new challenge for our company”, CEO Roland Heerkens said to “Besides the common merchandising articles such as t-shirts, baseball caps and bags we also want to come up with something exclusive gift & novelties and collectable products as event posters, pin collections etc. We are currently doing some research to the possibilities together with the EBU and”.

The Badge Company will produce and maintain the merchandising shop at, which automatically includes the pre-sale and sale of the official Eurovision Song Contest CD album and DVD.

“We would like to know what kind of products fans of the Eurovision Song Contest would like to see. We cán produce nearly everything as we are specialized in Merchandising in general and have 10 in-house production units”, Heerkens said. “We will even introduce in a later stage personalized products with will allow fans to order Eurovision Song Contest products with their own name and information. This is already done successfully for programmes such as Pop Idols”.

Tell what kind of merchandising you'd like to have! The most favourite articles will most likely be produced! Mail your favourites to [email protected]!

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