Albanian song restyled and in English!

by roel 192 views

The Albanian song Imazhi yt, performed by Anjeza Shahini, has totally been restyled. Three minutes long and in English, the song now is ready for the Eurovision Song Contest.

When Anjeza Shahini won the Albanian final on 21st December last year, her song Imazhi yt was still 4'20'' long. Too long for the Eurovision Song Contest and therefore the song had to be restyled. The new three minutes long version now is ready, is titled The image of you and sounds like this:

You make me feel
a little crazy
you make me see
your tears are true
you make my days
and nights so hazy
if you make me feel
the image of you

Albania, that participates at the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time, has the quite dubious honour to perform 13th in the qualifier round on 12th May in Istanbul.

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