Serbia-Montenegro: Negativ wins Beovizija

by deus ex mashina 119 views

The group Negativ won the festival Beovizija with the song Zbunjena. Beovizija is somehow loosely connected with the selection of Serbia-Montenegro Eurovision Song Contest entry. It is a seperate festival, though 4 top scoring song will have a chance to compete at Evropesma, the Serbia-Montenegro national final.

The final results of Beovizija are:

1. Negativ – 'Zbunjena' – 79 votes
2. Boris Re�ak – 'Zauvek' – 66 votes
3. Leontina – 'Zamisli' – 64 votes
4. Nata�a Kojić – 'Oko plavo' – 59 votes

It is not completely correct to consider Beovizija as a sort of a semifinal to Evropesma. They are two seperate festivals, though originally Beovizija was thought to be the sole competition to determine Serbia-Montenegro's Eurovision entry. After several disputes, RTS came to an agreement how to keep Beovizija a part of Eurovision song selection process. The top 4 will now compete in Evropesma as the result of the agreement. Nevertheless, group Negativ will always be known as the winners no matter what happens at Evropesma.

You can watch tomorrow's show on the internet by clicking the live feed link on RTS's special Evropesma website.

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