MPG: Det star et billede av dig på mit bord

by Sietse Bakker 385 views

Winners of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix are Rollo & King with “Det star et billede av dig på mit bord”, what means “There is a picture of you on my table”. They have some vocal help from Signe Svendsen. They won the MPG 2001 with 58 points. Denmark is the last song to perform on May 12 (23th place).

Welkom in Herning ! The tryout for the Eurovision Song Contest has been a success and we do hope that the ESC will be such a great event as Herning 2001…

The Olsen Brothers had the honour to open the evening, by introducing the first song. There were no special songs, but listening to “Sha la li sha la lej” we had to think immediately about “Diggi Loo Diggi Ley”, the winning song of Sweden in 1984 performed by the Herrey”s. The songs are (in my opinion) very similar to eachother (autsj !)

After the 5th song, the host of the show introduced some special guests and there was a small break to make everything ready for the second part of the evening with the other five songs. Favorite was Rollo & King with “Det star et billede av dig på mit bord” (There”s a picture of you on my table). Michael Teschl and Trine Jepsen got a very warm welcome from the public. They performed “This time” on the Eurovision Song Contest of 1999. The voting was very exciting and Rollo & King became the happy winners !

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