Estonia: 6 of 10 teams submitted protest to ETV

by Remi Kübar 74 views

Due to the failure in the telephone voting 5 teams in Eurolaul demand an adequate explanation from Estonian Television (ETV) and telephone companies Elion, EMT, Radiolinja and Tele2. Teams of Surrounded, Whatever You Say, Beautiful Inside, Dance, Whenever Blue ja Zone (Turn The Tide) demand an end to the poppycock and wish straight answers to the question, why the telephone voting failed.

The authors and performers of the 5 teams say that they don't want to protest the results and they just ask for all details concerning voting procedure and results. The attitude towards the authors makes them according to the protesters puzzled, because the principles and the purpose of the whole event as an honerable, nationwide, unique music competition is questioned as well as the reputation of big and serious companies.

The protesters say that if ETV demanded everything from the artists and authors according to the rules then the least they could wish for is the same serious attitude towards the rules, authors and the whole event from the ETV side too .

The teams also wish to know why the failure of the voting wasn't made public right after the votingtime was over and why was a back-up jury not used. It was clear enough that the results were unreal. 500 000 people watched the show and a little bit less than 20 000 votes was received. If the jury would have voted, Maarja would be Estonias' representative in Istanbul 2004.

The teams ask several questions in they public letter which media received today.

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