New cd Rollo & King bad according to the press

by Sietse Bakker 103 views

Det Nye Kuld is the name of the new cd, brough out by second-place winners from the last Eurovision Song Contest, Rollo & King.

'A new nestplace', that is the name of the new cd. Critics from big Danish newspaper called it “a clear hate-present under the Cristmas tree” and “a disappointed mid-level piece of music”.

According to newspaper BT, Rollo & King try to copy Søren Kragh-Jacobsen, a Danish artist from the seventies. However, the songtitles and lyrics are tipically Rollo & King: Sunday bread with birdseed (Søndagsbasser med Birkes).

Although the press is clear in it's opinion, most of the fans like the cd, which also contain 'Never ever let you go' and 'Der står en billede af dig på mit bord'. If you heard the cd, your opinion is very welcome !