EuroStoq game live on!

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The new Eurovision Song Contest game of, EuroStoq, kicked-off! The new game is endless, which means that it does not end before the Eurovision Song Contest, but it will continue afterwards! Everyone who is member of can play the game and win prizes!

Companies sometimes bring themselves to the stockmarket! In this way, they seperate the ownership of their company in very small parts. These small parts are sold as shares (also called stocks). Everyone who wants to buy a share/stock can do so and can become partly owner of the company. With only a few of them you don't have much to say about the decisions the company makes, but when you buy a lot of them, you have! Ifa share/stock is very popular it becomes worth more, if it's popularity goes down, it becomes worth less! If you buy a stock when it's worth less and sell it if it's worth more, you make profit from them!

Now, we worked out the same situation but virtual! With virtual money – we give you virtually EUR 100,000 to start with – you can buy shares/stocks (that we call Stoqs) of all Eurovision Song Contest participating countries ever! Also you can buy virtual Stoqs of and the EBU!

When a certain country organizes a high-quality national final, buy some shares! Or when they have a good song at the Eurovision Song Contest, or when a country is high in the polls. But when you think the country has a bad song, a terrible national final or a bad dress, sell them! The more popular a Stoq is, the more worth they become and your profit raises!

If you're doing well, your bank balance is high! If you're doing bad, it's low! And if you're doing very well, you might win a prize! Besides that, the share prices indicate the popularity of a certain Eurovision participating country. The more people buy a Stoq of a certain country, the more worth it becomes. Other way around, the more people sell their Stoq, the less popular it becomes!

You can buy Stoqs of your own country, but when the popularity goes down it might influence your bank balance in a bad way. And that might not be what you want…

You can play EuroStoq at (for members of

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