UPDATE: Stefan Raab to produce song for German final

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Stefan Raab, host of the daily comedy show TV total and German participant in 2000, wants to do it again – as a songwriter. The self-declared “Ralph Siegel of Pro 7” (a German TV station) now holds his own casting to find a talented vocalist who is going to sing Raab's entry for the German national final. The comedian is hoping for one of four wildcards granted for commerically successful songs.

This wednesday, Dr. Jürgen Meier-Beer, head of entertainment at German broadcaster NDR, was a guest of TV Total to explain the all-new format of the national final Germany 12 Points!. Jumping in on Meier-Beer's introduction of a “wild card”, Raab tried to secure himself a place on the participants list (as songwriter) while the cameras were rolling. Although Meier-Beer encouraged him “to produce something extraordinairy”, he did not guarantee him anything. Nevertheless, Raab now holds an improvised castingshow, named Stefan sucht den Super-Grand-Prix-Star (SSDSGPS) to look for a fitting singer.

As reported earlier, there are dramatical changes in the German national final, the most remarkable being that only established, successful singers are allowed to participate. Eight out of the up to 12 participants need to have a professional music video, which will be put on heavy rotation at music channel Viva. Starting January 12, Viva will also show features of the supported eight participants, aiming to popularise their entries.

Organising station NDR is also giving away up to four “wild cards”. “From the 12 tracks of the preselection, eight have to be played on Viva and four have to make it into the charts”, NDR spokeswoman Iris Bents declared to press agency ap. These four wildcards are scheduled to be given away only a few days prior to the actual final, which will take place March 19, to singers who then have a hit in the German Top 100 sales charts. “For Mister Raab's entry that means he only can qualify through securing a chart position.”

Raab already begun to cast hopefuls to sing his song. “This is a serious contest to find a good contender for the Grand Prix”, Pro7 spokeswoman Katrin Ahues explained. “Only real singing talents should show up”. Castings are running daily until end of next week, special issues of TV Total to select Raab's singer are scheduled for December 5, 12 and 19 (22:15 CET) on Pro7.

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