Eurovision 2024: Last minute drama! Netherlands disqualified from Eurovision Grand Final

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 6,677 views

In an unprecedented move that has Eurovision fans reeling, the Netherlands has been disqualified from the Grand Final just hours before the competition kicks off in Malmö. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) confirmed the shocking news in a statement, citing a violation of their zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior by Dutch entrant Joost Klein. This marks the first time a country has been disqualified on the eve of the Grand Final, throwing the entire competition into a state of last-minute drama. With Klein’s song considered a frontrunner, his disqualification is sure to significantly impact tonight’s voting and the overall atmosphere of the Eurovision extravaganza.

According to a statement released by the EBU, a female member of the production crew filed a complaint with the Swedish police regarding Klein’s behavior. The nature of the incident remains undisclosed, but the EBU has confirmed it was a violation of their zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior.

This disqualification comes as a major blow to the Netherlands’ hopes for Eurovision glory. Klein’s song was considered a frontrunner by some bookmakers, and his disqualification throws the competition even wider open.

The Dutch artist Joost Klein will not be competing in the Grand Final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Swedish police have investigated a complaint made by a female member of the production crew after an incident following his performance in Thursday night’s Semi Final. While the legal process takes its course, it would not be appropriate for him to continue in the Contest.

We would like to make it clear that, contrary to some media reports and social media speculation, this incident did not involve any other performer or delegation member.

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate behaviour at our event and are committed to providing a safe and secure working environment for all staff at the Contest. In light of this, Joost Klein’s behaviour towards a team member is deemed in breach of Contest rules.

The Grand Final of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest will now proceed with 25 participating songs.

This news is sure to dominate the conversation as fans tune in for tonight’s Grand Final in Malmö. It remains to be seen how this will impact the voting and overall atmosphere of the competition.

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