Austria: Kaleen releases her Eurovision entry ‘ We Will Rave’

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The 2024 Austrian Eurovision hopeful, Kaleen, has released her Eurovsion entry ‘We Will Rave’ along with its official music video.

Kaleen was selected via an internal selection in order to defend the Austrian colours at the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo. She will be representing her homeland Austria with her entry ‘We Will Rave‘.

The 2024 Austrian Eurovision hopeful has released her Eurovision banger today, check it out below:

Kaleen has been involved both at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and Eurovision Song Contest several time and with numerous countries. She will be heading to Malmo with a techno inspired pop song. The 29 year old hails from Upper Austria.

Kaleen says:

We Will Rave’ is my perfect Eurovision Song. It allows me to combine everything I love, and to get carried away with the audience. The song is adaptable for everyone. ‘We Will Rave’ can become We Will Dance, We Will Sing, We Will Live, We Will Party…. It is powerful and positive, even though you might be fighting through something at the moment. It’s supposed to enhance a life-loving state of mind and getting lost in a moment. I am extremely looking forward to performing this along with the fans! Now that the song is officially out, it has become even more real to me, and I am beyond excited about the journey! Having a techno pop track is different from my discography up until now. I look forward to Kaleen’s new chapter.

We Will Rave’ is about needing a place of refuge when your heart is broken, and finding it in music. The rave is where the outsiders and wounded souls go to heal and dissolve their problems through music. It’s the sea of rhythm that washes the pain away and gives us salvation.

Following up on the successful collaboration with Rankin in London, the music video was shot with his team in Los Angeles in the beginning of February. The rainy and cold weather made the atmosphere for the music video even better. On the day, we spent about 12 hours shooting on 5 different sets in a kind of warehouse in the south of Los Angeles. The video is supposed to show the darker, ecstatic, yet positive energy of ‘We Will Rave’. It should make you want to get up and dance to it.

Austria in Eurovision

Austria debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957 and has won the competition twice with Udo Jurgens (1966) and Conchita Wurst (2014).  The country has participated 55 times in the contest and hosted the event twice in its majestic capital Vienna (1967, 2015).

In 2023 Teya & Salena represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool with their entry ‘Who the hell is Edgar?‘.

Source: ORF
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