Italy: Gigliola Cinquetti, Eros Ramazzotti & Giorgia to grace Sanremo 2024

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RAI, the Italian national broadcaster, has announced that Gigliola Cinquetti, Eros Ramazzotti and Giorgia will be gracing the forthcoming edition of Sanremo.

Gigliola Cinquetti (Italy 1964, 1974/ Eurovision 1991 hostess) has been invited to grace the Sanremo  stage on Saturday 10 February during the Grand Final of Sanremo 2024 in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of her Sanremo victory with her epic song ‘Non ho l’eta‘. She went on to represent Italy with the very same song and brought the coveted trophy to Italy for the very first time. She will treat the audience once more with her evergreen Eurovision/Sanremo 1964 winning entry.

Eros Ramazzotti one of Italy’s most celebrated international stars will grace the Sanremo stage on Thursday 8 February during the Third Serata in order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his Sanremo New Proposals victory with his entry ‘Terra Promessa’.

Giorgia will be also gracing the Sanremo 2024 stage on Wednesday 7 February in order to perform her Sanremo entry ‘E Poi, which she presented 30 years ago in the competition.

The 2024 Sanremo edition will be held at Teatro Ariston from 06-10 February. A grand line up of former Italian acts are back in the game: Ricchi i Poveri ( Italy 1978) Emma. (Italy 2014), Diodato (Italy 2020), Il Volo ( Italy 2015) , Mahmood (Italy 2019/2022).

A total of 30 acts will be competing at Sanremo 2024: 27 Big Category acts+ 3 Giovanni Category  Qualifiers.

Sanremo 2024 and Eurovision

The winner of Sanremo 2024 will be eligible to represent Italy at the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest. The competing acts at Sanremo 2024 will be required to submit a form to RAI ahead of their participation in the competition consenting that if they win Saremo 2024 they will be agreeable to represent Italy at Eurovision  2024. In the event that the  Sanremo winner does not submit the form, RAI has the right to select the 2024 Italian act and entry from the other competing acts.

Italy in Eurovision

Italy is one of the founder members of the Eurovision Song Contest having debuted in the very first contest in 1956. The country has won the event thrice with Gigliola Cinquetti (1964), Toto Cutugno (1990) and Maneskin (2021).

The country has been represented at the Eurovision Song Contest by its most celebrated and internationally acclaimed artists throughout its Eurovision history: Ana Oxa, Domenico Modugno, Albano, Romina Power, Franco Batiatto, Umberto Tozzi, Matia Bazar, Marco Mengoni, Emma Marrone, Il VoloFrancesco Gabbani, Raphael Gualazzi, Massimo Ranieri, Ricardo Fogli, Mahmood etc.

Italy withdrew from the competition in 1998 and returned to Eurovision in 2011 after a 13 year hiatus. Since their return to the contest the Italians have enjoyed great success in the event placing 9 times in the top 10 of the scoreboard including a victory in 2021.

The southern European country has partaken 48 times in Europe’s favourite television show.

In 2023 Marco Mengoni represented Italy at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool with his entry ‘Due Vite‘ achieving an honourable 4th placing in the Grand Final.

Source: RAI

Source: RAI
Photo credit: RAI