2004 tickets: pre-bookings can be made!

by Sietse Bakker 310 views

From now on it's possible to make a ticket pre-booking for the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, which will take place in the Mydonose Showland in Istanbul. The Eurovision 2004 page of the Turkish broadcaster TRT reported that.

To pre-book a ticket for the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, you can send an email to Mydonose on [email protected].

Compared with previous years, the tickets are expected to be sold out soon due to the relatively low amount. There is no information available about terms and prices. Also it's unknown of those who send a pre-booking can rely on a ticket. It might be very well possible that the only reason for pre-bookings is TRT wants to measure the popularity of Eurovision tickets in 2004.

We're currently waiting on more information from the Mydonose Showland.

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