Luxembourg might withdraw again from Eurovision

by Sietse Bakker 301 views

This week, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) made a cost indication for each broadcaster to participate to the Eurovision Song Contest. Now RTL, Luxembourg's broadcaster, is reconsidering its participation.

Participating countries pay a participation fee based on the number of inhabitants and its national income. For Luxembourg, one of the richest countries in Europe, this means that this fee is around EUR 50,000, which is twice the amount that Iceland has to pay while both countries have – approximately – an equal amount of inhabitants.

In this present situation, RTL suggested to withdraw their subscription, unless the EBU is willing to make financial compensations. According to a person close to the negotiations between RTL and the EBU, the process of this come-back at the Eurovision Song Contest took more than two years: “I won't give up that easily”, he said at the mailinglist EuroFriends.

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