OGAE Poll 2022: here are the votes from OGAE Slovenia

by Stefano 2,763 views

Good evening Slovenia! The 2022 OGAE internation poll continues with OGAE Slovenia. Another set of douze points is attributed. Guess to whom?

The international vote from Eurofans all over Europe and Australia for the 2022 OGAE international poll is underway! These are the votes from the OGAE Slovenia, published as always on the website of OGAE international:

  • 12 points to Italy
  • 10 points to Serbia
  • 8 points to France
  • 7 points to Poland
  • 6 points to Sweden
  • 5 points to Spain
  • 4 points to Norway
  • 3 points to Ukraine
  • 2 points to Romania
  • 1 point to Austria

24 members of OGAE Slovenia casted their votes. Last year’s winner Italy receive the top score for the second time! Mahmood and Blanco continue this 2022 OGAE campaign with a perfect score. 43 fanclubs are announced to partake in this year’s international poll.

The provisional ranking

  1. Italy24 points
  2. Sweden16 points
  3. Poland13 points
  4. Spain10 points
  5. Serbia10 points
  6. France8 points
  7. The Netherlands8 points
  8. Norway7 points
  9. United Kingdom7 points
  10. Ukraine4 points
  11. Finland4 points
  12. Austria3 points
  13. Romania2 points