Norway: Maria Mohn wins the MGP 2022 Second Chance Round

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Last Saturday saw Norway hold the Second Chance Round of MGP 2022 where Maria Mohn was declared the winner of Semi-final and will proceed to the Grand Final of MGP 2022.

A total of four acts battled in the Second Chance Round for a spot in the Grand Final. Maria Mohn was crowned the winner of the show with her entry’ Fly‘ and will join the following pre-qualified acts in the Grand Final of MGP 2022 on Saturday 19 February:

  • NorthKidSomeone
  • SubWoolferGive That Wolf A Banana
  • Christian IngebrigtsenWonder Of The World
  • Anna-Lisa KumojiQueen Bees
  • Elsie BayDeath Of Us
  • FrodeBlack Flowers
  • FaridaDangerous
  • Oda GondrosenHammer of Thor
  • Sofie FelvjangMade of Glass

Anna Lisa Kumoji performed their potential Eurovision entry ‘Queen Bees‘ during the show:

About MGP 2022

Melodi Grand Prix 2022 consists of  six televised shows (4 semifinals, a second chance round and 1 Grand Final) and will kick off on Saturday 15 January. The Norwegian national final has been set to take place on Saturday 19 February.

MGP 2022 is hosted by Kåre Magnus Bergh, Annika Momrak and Mikkel Niva.

A total of 21 acts will compete in the Norwegian national selection, five of the acts are pre-qualified to compete in the Grand Final. Hence a total of 16 acts will be competing in the semi-finals,  four acts will battle in each semi-final and only one act from each semi-final will proceed to the grand final. After the four semi-finals the remaining acts from the semi-finals will battle in the Second Chance Qualifier, the top 4 acts will proceed to the Second Chance Round and the winner will join the 5 pre-qualified acts and the 4 qualified acts in the Grand Final.

MGP 2022 Calendar

  • 15/01/2022- Semifinal #1
  • 22/01/2022- Semifinal  #2
  • 29/01/2022- Semifinal #3
  • 05/02/2022- Semifinal #4
  • 07/02/ 2022-Second Chance Qualifier
  • 12/02/2022- Second Chance  Round
  • 19/ 02/2022- Grand Final

Norway in Eurovision

Norway debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1960 and has won the competition thrice: 1985 (Bobbysocks), 1995 (Secret Garden) and 2009 (Alexander Rybak).

The Nordic country has successfully hosted the competition thrice, once in Bergen and twice in Oslo and has partaken in Europe’s favorite television show 59 times.

In 2021 TIX represented Norway with his entry ‘Fallen Angel‘.

Source: NRK/ESCToday
Cover photo credit: NRK/Julia Marie Naglestad