San Marino: An entire festival to select the ESC 2022 entry!

by Stefano 1,139 views

Good evening San Marino! The Most Serene Republic unveiled today its plans for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 campaign. For the first time the microstate will take part to a contest organised in neighbouring Italy. After two consecutive qualifications to the Grand Final San Marino is dreaming big for next year.

As announced today on SMRTV, the Sanmarinese public broadcaster, an entire festival will select the entry for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Italy. This is a public-private partnership involving the Sanmarinese Ministry of Tourism, Posts, Cooperation and Expo, SMRTV and Media Evolution srl. “Una voce per San Marino” is the name of this ambitious project!

Emerging and established acts

The Festival will develop over three months and will have both Emerging and Established performers. The participation is not limited to any citizenship and or language.

An academy will bring together emerging artists at Titano Theater on 13-19 December 2021 and again on 5-11 January 2022 . This casting will represent the preselection stage for this category. The selected acts will compete in February 2022 in semifinals and finals. As specified on, all stages will be filmed for a show called Aspettando il Festival – Una Voce per San Marino.

The nine winners among the emerging artists will move on to the Grand Final of the Sanmarinese selection. There, nine invited established artists will join them and complete the final line-up. The Grand Final will take place on 19 February 2022 and will consist of 18 acts.

An expert jury will crown the winner of Una voce per San Marino. SMRTV will invite the winner to follow the steps of Senhit and Flo Rida and to represent the microstate at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Italy.

A lot of ‘Adrenalina’

The excitement is great around Mount Titan. The country qualified for two consecutive years to the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. This year in Rotterdam Senhit and Flo Rida even had the honour to close the running order with their up-beat entry Adrenalina.

And as we wait to discover the many acts that will compete in Una voce per San Marino, let’s appreciate once again the latest Sanmarinese appearence on the Eurovision stage: