Eurovision 2021: Who should win tonight? Vote on #LivePoll

by Michalis Vranis 4,159 views

The so much awaited final show of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, is about to kick of in few hours and it’s time you vote for your favourite country!

26 countries compete tonight and one will be the Winner of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest. The result is unclear yet and we need your help to find out who is the hot favourite to win the contest tonight!

Four easy steps to vote on our Live Poll!

  1. Go visit the link here
  2. Vote for your favourite country by clicking on the respective button (you may also check their performances from the semi-final)
  3. Follow ESCToday on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  4. And finally wait for the show to end and see who’s the winner!

The results from the vote are being presented live on the video stream of our Facebook page! Check it out