Eurovision 2021: Renowned LA producer Brian Malouf predicts the winner

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 7,257 views

In the wake of the launch of the American version of the Eurovision Song Contest we bring you the prediction of the 2021 Eurovision winner by the intenationally acclaimed American producer Brian Malouf, who has worked with Madonna and Michael Jackson.  

Brian Malouf, LA producer as well as Senior Judge & Co-Founder of the Djooky Music Awards, who has worked with internationally acclaimed artists such Michael Jackson, Madonna, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus has given his predictions for the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Eurovision and the American Song Contest

The American Song Contest (special US version of the Eurovision) is scheduled to launch in 2022 where all states will compete for the title of Best Original Song.

 The recently announced news of the Eurovision Song Contest coming to America in 2022 has attracted the attention of even the most eminent producers and music critics of the region. Brian Malouf, who is one of the most renowned multi-platinum American producers who has worked with Michael Jackson, Queen, Madonna, Pearl Jam, Stevie Wonder and other world-known artists has listened to all the finalists of the Eurovision 2021 Grand Final and has given his expert assessment on his TOP 10.

Brian Malouf’s Eurovision 2021 Top 10

  1. Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou“El Diablo”

It’s a well-produced and well-constructed song. Nothing terribly original or striking about the melody, but the lyrics are very very catchy and very good.


  1. Iceland: DaðiogGagnamagnið10 Years”

I have to say, hysterical entertaining video. David Guetta-style dance pop, I would’ve loved to have heard this with a great vocalist. I think there’s more potential to this song than this performance would allow for, but still, a nice solid song.


  1. Sweden: Tusse“Voices”

I’d have to say another fine melodic entry. This sounds like a song Ryan Tedder might have written, it’s anthemic, it’s got a great structure and a great melodic throughline.


  1. Norway: TIX“Fallen Angel”

This very much sounds like Swedish pop. Melodically, it’s got all of those pop elements that Swedish song writing community made so famous from the days of ABBA until now. Nothing new here, I give it an 8/10 just on the strength of its melody, the lyrics are just a bit underwhelming for me.


  1. Malta: Destiny“Je me casse”

This is a quite listenable song, she’s the best vocalist I’ve heard. The song has some nice twists and turns, good arrangement, well written, well constructed, solid melody.


  1. Israel: Eden Alene“Set Me Free”

Terrific track, great topline, well sung. Not a terribly original sounding vocal or track arrangement but very listenable and very danceable.


  1. Bulgaria: VICTORIA“Growing Up Is Getting Old”

Beautiful song, great sentiment, great lyrics, kind of mid-tempo baladesque that’s traditional and fine. Nothing spectacular, but super solid.


     3. Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears“Tout l’Univers”

Very adventurous melody, sung by a beautiful tenor, strong falsetto.


  1. Ukraine: Go_A “Shum”

This is the most adventurous and interesting piece that I’ve come across – it’s challenging and yet it’s commercial. It’s got a really interesting tempo change. It goes uptempo rather rapidly in the middle of the song and I find the concept of the track very refreshing. I wish I could understand the lyrics but it’s a terrific piece.


  1. Albania: AnxhelaPeristeri“Karma”

This is just outstanding! The song is fabulous, the production is fabulous, I love it. Would love to hear her do a duet with Andrea Bocelli. A fine vocalist, a fine production, and a very fine song!


Nevertheless, this is only an expert’s forecast – the winner will be determined by a 50/50 televoting-jury  deliberation during the Grand Final, which airs tonight, Saturday, May 22, at 8pm (GMT) from Rotterdam, Netherlands. And as practice shows, the choice of fans does not always coincide with the assessment of the experts.