Spain: Blas Cantó speaks to ESCToday: The Interview

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ESCToday caught up with the 2021 Spanish Eurovision hopeful, Blas Cantó ,on the road to the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. We got up close and personal with the multi talented young Spanish artist. We bring you ESCToday’s interview with Blas Cantó .

The Interview

Blas Cantó ( Photo credit: Steven Bernhard/RTVE)

How was your journey from 2020 to 2021 after the cancellation of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest last year? How was the transition?

When I realized that I was the one to represent Spain at Eurovision Song Contest it was a dream come true. I was waiting for this moment a lifetime. But life stopped and I understood that life is the most important thing and we have to be safe.

TVE was one of the first broadcasters to confirm its 2020 Eurovision act for 2021. Were you happy to get a second chance to be able to represent your country at Eurovision?

I am so grateful about this because I have a second chance to do what I love in front of a great audience on the most incredible stage of all times.

Last year the Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled for the very first time, how did you react to the cancellation of the event? How did this affect you, specially after all the preparation for Eurovision 2020?

When I look back I think I was not prepared last year. Eurovision is so demanding and you have to be strong and my mental health was not at its best. This year has not been the best one for me but I feel stronger and I have learned. I think I’ve grown up as a person and as an artist too.

Blas Cantó ( Photo credit: RTVE)

This year the Eurovision Song Contest will be held under the ‘new normal’ and it is yet unclear if there will be an audience in the arena. We won’t have the thousands of fans attending the event and cheering for their favourite acts. How do you feel about the fact that the world has changed so drastically and how does it affect you as an artist?

We will miss the audience. We are not going to be those thousands and thousands of people, but I will feel them from home because our hearts will beat at the same time. This is historical and we are alive and we will tell how we felt. I think we’ll have the chance to remember after all.

Tell us about your song ‘VoyAQuedarme’. How was it born and how did you develop this entry? What is the message behind your song and what would you like to convey to Europe when you grace the Eurovision stage in Rotterdam?

The last year has been so difficult for me. I lost my dad, I lost my grandma…Actually she was like a mother for me and you can’t imagine how music helped me. I would not be here if it wasn’t for music.

Eurovision was a miracle for me. This song gave me the chance to transmit that she is here with me. She was and still is the love of my life. While I am singing the song, I feel her beside me. And I will do the very best to make a tribute to her.

You have recorded the English version of your Eurovision entry ‘VoyAQuedarme’. Tell us more about the story behind the recording and why you have released the song in English? Are you planning to release the song in any other language?

I love to sing in English. I’ve been doing this since I was a child and I remember the Queen songs or the Celine Dion ones, and I always wanted to sing in English.

I was in a group when I was a teenager and we sang in English. I wanted to repeat the experience. I know that many people don’t understand my language so I just wanted to tell the story in another way. I hope I can perform this song in French too, because it’s a language that I love so very much.

Blas Cantó ( Photo credit: Steven Bernhard/RTVE)

How are you going to stage your entry in Rotterdam? What surprises have you and Marvin Dietmman worked on for Eurovision? Can you share something regarding your staging in Rotterdam?

 I need to share my story in a beautiful way. The song has changed a little bit and the staging… we are still working on it. I think it looks like a dream come true and I feel I am performing in heaven.

Have you heard any of the other competing songs at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest? Which are your favourites and which do you think can win the competition in May?

I love the song from France. Barbara is such a great artist. Her song makes me feel beautiful things. I think she could be a great winner. She deserves it. I love Senhit, Victoria, Sophia, Destiny and many others.

Have you been following the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years? Have you been watching the contest since you were young?

Of course. I remember myself watching the show with my grandmother doing the polls and all the things. I never won the polls. Hahaha! It’s crazy. Eurovisión is super unpredictable.

Blas Cantó ( Photo credit: Steven Bernhard/RTVE)

Who are your favourite Spanish Eurovision representatives? Have any former Spanish ESC acts given you any advice regarding the contest? If so what have they told you?

The most beautiful song I’ve ever listened from Spain is ‘Bailar Pegados’ (Sergio Dalma 1991). I think Spain has been so good when it comes to ballads in the contest.

Pastora Soler, Ruth Lorenzo… I’ve been talking with all of them. They love my song and they support me so much. I appreciate it!

You have tried to represent Spain before both at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and at Eurovision as part of Auryn. Has it been a dream for you to go to Eurovision?

Yeah for sure, and the dream is about to happen. I can’t believe it. Nobody knows how I feel, I am so excited. I will put my heart on the Eurovision stage during my performance.

Blas Cantó ( Photo credit: Steven Bernhard/RTVE)

What plans do you have in store after Eurovision? Is there going to be a new album on the horizon?

I can’t wait to release new music. My album is almost finished.

I have beautiful collaborations, the songs are beautiful…

I have plans to work on television… The Voice Kids and many other projects. I will tell you very soon. First Eurovision, then “the world”!

What message would you like to give your fans across Europe and our readers at

Every song is a story, so if I can help somebody with my music, I’ll feel privileged. For me it’s an honour to go to Eurovision. I’ll  do with all my love and sharing this experience with Europe will be making a dream come true!

ESCToday would like to thank RTVE, Blas Cantó and the Spanish delegation for the interview and their collboration.

About Blas Cantó

Blas Cantó ( Photo credit: Steven Bernhard/RTVE)

Blas Cantó is no new face in the Eurovision world as he has tried to represent Spain both at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 and at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 as part of the boyband Auryn.

It has been a long lasting dream for Blas to defend the Spanish colours at the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2011 hea nearly accomplished his dream when Auryn came 2nd at the Spanish national final.

The 27 year artist is amongst the most sought after singers in Spain today having gained much name, fame and recognition amongst the younger audience. He has released 5 albums so far ( 4 with Auryn and 1 solo). He released his debut album Complicado last year, with one of its songs  ‘El No Soy Yo’ becoming a massive hit in Spain.

Blas was set to represent Spain at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with his entry ‘Universo‘ but the event was cancelled due to the COVID- 19 pandemic. He will represent Spain at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest with his entry ‘ Voy a quedarme’.

Spain in Eurovision

Spain debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1961 and has won the event twice, namely in 1968 with Massiel and in 1969 on home soil with Salome. The country has competed in the event religiously every year since its debut in the contest and has participated in the competition 59 times. 2021 will see Iberian nation’s 60th Eurovision participation.