Iceland: Daði Freyr on his Eurovision hit

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We all can’t wait to know who’s gonna finally be crowned winner of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands next year. Pending confirmation of the final format, we look back to one of this year’s bookies’ favourite for the victory. Get ready for a 360° of Daði Freyr.

Last 1 March Eurofans discovered the winner of Söngvakeppnin 2020, the annual national selection of Iceland. The band Daði & Gagnamagnið triumphed with the entry Think about things. The impact was huge. Bookies’ favourite at the 2020 Eurovision and massive commercial success across the continent, Daði Freyr left his mark on this year’s cancelled contest.

The Berlin-living singer has recently given an interview to the Berliner Zeitung to talk about his recent breakthrough in the music industry and his future plans in and out of Eurovision.

This Eurovision hit changed his life

Daði Freyr had previously entered the Icelandic national selection in 2017 with the entry Is this love?. That year he reached the second place behind Svala‘s Paper. He tried again in 2020 to see how far he could go. The rest is history.

Daði Freyr and his wife Árný Fjóla, also part of the band, have been living in Berlin for the past six years. If it wasn’t for Eurovision, the couple would have probably moved back to native Iceland. However, the huge success of Think about things led them to stay in Germany. Árný explains:

We spent all our money on the video – it was a huge risk but it paid off. Otherwise, we would have had to move back to Iceland, stay with our parents, start new careers. Now we don’t have to worry – the timing was really perfect.

An inspired and inspiring audience

Think about things relates Daði’s experience as a new dad. He… can’t wait to know what his daughter will think about things when she’ll grow up. The couple’s first toddler Áróra is currently 18 month-old.

Time will tell if Áróra will follow her family’s steps in the music industry. Daði’s parents both played different instruments and were well present in the music industry. His father Pétur was part of the band of one of Söngvakeppnin’s final acts in 1993.

International Berlin and future plans

The Icelandic couple seems to love the German capital. The strong international side makes it easier to meet other Icelanders. And as musicians, they find the music scene a lot bigger and more varied than the one in Reykjavik.

People go to Berlin for a reason, says Daði.

You’re always meeting people from different places, but still people that have similar mindsets. We’re surrounded by artists constantly.

As we know, Icelandic broadcaster RÚV has not yet confirmed who is going to represent the Nordic country next year in the Netherlands. The only sure thing is that Think about things will not be able to compete. Daði has already ideas for a potential entry. But he is not keen on taking part in a whole national competition again. The effort being too great, he would lose the focus in an energy-consuming process.

“The only way we’ll be going is if they send us straight to Eurovision”, he affirms. As ESCToday reported last September, RÚV has already confirmed their intention to partake at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands. Whether it will be through an internal selection or through the well-beloved Söngvakeppnin it will be revealed in due course.