INFE Poll 2020: Today we hear from Romania

by Stratos Agadellis 3,258 views

We are already well on our way to find out the winner of INFE Poll 2020, the 4th annual poll about the favourite Eurovision entries of the INFE Network! Despite the cancellation of this year’s event in Rotterdam, ESCToday, in an exclusive collaboration with the INFE Network, will be presenting you the results from each of the 22 participating fan clubs around the continent and beyond, up until the winner’s declaration!

Day by day, each individual fan club of the INFE (International Network of Fanclubs of Eurovision) Network will be voting for their favourite Eurovision 2020 entries within the traditional Eurovision style: 12 points for their top favourite song, 10 points for their second favourite and from 8 to 1 point for the rest countries making up their Top 10! Who will gather the most “douze points” this year?

Under normal circumstances, today we’d be celebrating the Red Carpet event in Rotterdam. However, we can now only present you the votes from INFE Romania. How subversive could their ranking be?

Top 10 from INFE Romania

  • 1 point goes to Italy
  • 2 points go to Armenia
  • 3 points go to Bulgaria
  • 4 points go to Serbia
  • 5 points go to Russia
  • 6 points go to Germany
  • 7 points go to Azerbaijan
  • 8 points go to… Lithuania 
  • 10 points go to… Switzerland 
  • 12 points go to… Norway!

Attention! Ulrikke gets another set of 12 points in this INFE Poll, thus bringing her total score to 80 points! After receiving 5 points from Romania, Russia surpasses Iceland and can be found in 3rd place, while Lithuania and Switzerland are leading the poll, with 166 and 115 points respectively.

INFE Poll 2020 current scoreboard

  • Lithuania– 166 points
  • Switzerland– 115 points
  • Russia– 87 points
  • Iceland– 86 points
  • Italy – 81 points
  • Norway– 80 points
  • Bulgaria– 72 points
  • Malta– 60 points
  • Azerbaijan– 56 points
  • Sweden– 52 points
  • Ukraine– 42 points
  • Germany– 40 points
  • Romania– 26 points
  • Serbia– 22 points
  • Armenia– 19 points
  • Cyprus– 17 points
  • Latvia– 15 points
  • Israel– 13 points
  • Ireland– 13 points
  • Spain– 12 points
  • France– 12 points
  • Slovenia– 10 points
  • Albania– 10 points
  • Australia– 8 points
  • Belgium– 7 points
  • United Kingdom– 7 points
  • Poland– 5 points
  • The Netherlands– 3 points
  • Georgia– 3 points
  • North Macedonia– 2 points
  • Greece– 2 points
  • Croatia– 2 points
  • Austria – 1 point

About INFE Romania

INFE Romania is run by the fan community titled Eurovision Romanian Community (ERC).
ERC is a Romanian group founded in 2017, aspiring to bring Romanian fans and beyond to a place where differences between music taste and opinions can be celebrated through a pleasant atmosphere and engaging content.
You can check out ERC Facebook community and ERC page.
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