Yugoslavia: Tajci celebrates the 30th anniversary of ‘Hajde da ludujemo’

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 3,515 views

The 1990 Yugoslavian Eurovision representative is celebrating the 30th anniversary of her Eurovision participation with a special rendition to her entry ‘Hajde da ludujemo’.

This week marks the 30th anniversary of the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest which travelled to Yugoslavia for the very first time after the country’s victory in 1989 with Riva‘s ‘Rock Me‘.

The 1990 Eurovision edition was held in Zagreb (Croatia), Tajci defended the home colours with her epic entry ‘Hadjde da ludujemo’ achieving an honourable 6th place in the competition. The song went on to become a massive hit in the Balkans and is considered today as a classic Eurovision entry in the former Yugoslav republics.

Tajci who now lives in the USA has recorded a music video with the song featuring several artists from the Balkans including Tijana Dapcevic (North Macedonia 2014), Mia Dimsic, Domenica, Sanya Mateyas, Ivana/Marija Husar, Alka Vuica, Kristina Kusmic and The Frajle.

Tajci at Eurovision 1990

Yugoslavia in Eurovision

Yugoslavia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1961 and has won the event once in 1989 when Riva was crowned the winner of the competition in Lausanne with ‘Rock Me‘. The following year the Eurovision travelled to Yugoslavia for the very first time.

The country has partaken in the event 27  times. We last saw the country grace the Eurovision stage in 1992, hereafter the disintegration of Yugoslavia we saw its republics partake in the event as independent nations: Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.